Harley Davidson sunglasses ref. HDJET13

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Harley-Davidson® Jet 13 by Wiley X sunglasses are part of the Climate Control series, designed to meet all the needs of the motorcyclist. The lenses and the frames exceed and meet the Z87 anxious requirements for high -speed impact and impact against high mass. Hard hard treatment increases the scratch resistance by prolonging the life of the lens, the anti -acting Fog maintains visibility in conditions of humidity and thanks to the hydro -repellent treatment Hydro the water flows on the lenses without leaving residues. Designed to increase contrast and sharpness in low light conditions, the Light Adjusting yellow lenses they darken according to the amount of UV radiation present. The glasses include rigid custody with zipper, cord and cleaning cloth. You will find functionality, style and quality with Harley-Davidson® glasses by Wiley X!