Harley Davidson Men's H-D Brawler Leather Jacket Ref. 98004-21eh

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An essential passionate. This leather motorcycle jacket is designed with a CE approved bulletproof jacket (elbows and shoulders), rear pockets for armor, reflective details and an option for connecting to the pants. It also has a narrower chest area for a more aggressive driving position. Elegantly finished with the right touch of color and brand. Maximize your race with our combined Brawler wholemeal glove and the X09 carbon fiber fiber fiber cherry helmet. Get all the functional details below ... • Stay Warm: removable windproof lining. • Stay Cool: Network strategically positioned for air flow. • fit and mobility: Riattacco Powerstretch. The front chest is closer to replicate the driving position of the Streetfighter motorcycle. Action back. • Characteristics for improving running: armor included on the shoulder and elbow. Retro armor pocket. Reflectivity 3M. Possibility of jacket-plane connection. • pockets: hinge water heater pockets. Vertical internal pocket. • Materials: heavy cattle. • Design details: Print