Harley Davidson Sidari leather jacket ref. 98009-20EW

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The Sidari leather jacket, with a strong racing connotation, with the characteristic stripes and the robust leather, is ready to leave the slopes to take to the street. Ideal for those who move mostly in the city, the openings for ventilation allow you to remain fresh even in the moments when you are forced to stop in traffic and the passage of the air is limited. Finished with hinges on the sides to adapt perfectly to the figure of the pilot, it is also equipped with pockets for the insertion of protections and boasts many other characteristics. This women's leather motorcycle jacket is the answer to those looking for the quadrature of the circle regarding motorcycle clothing: comfort, breathable effect and classic style.
Stay quietly: Ventilation holes inside the elbows and in the armpits for cooling the air flow.
Fit and mobility: "Action Back" system. Precurvated sleeves. Lampo hinges on the hips.
Special features designed for the guide: Removable protective coating approved EN 1621-1 CE on elbows and shoulders. The rear protection pocket is prepared for the insertion of the pro-amoror light protection of Dainese (mod. 98317-19VR, sold separately). Uncheded shoulders. Korean neck with snap tongue. Front closure with double cursor zipper. Cuffs with zipper.
Pockets: Hinge water heater pockets. Internal pocket with zipper and multimedia door.
Model details: Printed leather stripes. Printed reasons.
Materials: Large cowhide skin. Line on the network in polyester.