Harley Davidson Stencil Plaid Men's Stencil Ref. 96393-22vm

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Harley Davidson Stencil Plaid Men's Stencil Ref. 96393-22vm/000m

The next time you go out by motorbike, do it wearing this splendid shirt. This cotton Twill garment, in fact, sports an absolutely epic paintings, totally different from the one you would expect from H-D (the black/orange/white/gray colors). The shirt is accompanied by precious details such as chest pockets and a perfect snap-down collar to go by motorbike. To complete everything, the graphics with faded effect that stand out on the rear carré and represent the brand with class and discretion.

Closure: Front closure with buttons.
Pockets: Pockets with flap and snap closure.
Model details: Branded label. Cuffs with adjustable buttons. Hidden pressure coat collar
Graphics: Aged effect printing.
Materials: 100% cotton twill.