Harley-Davidson® Pewter Oil Can Shot Glass Set | Custom Toled | Stainless Steel Liner | Set of Two - HDL -18805

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New job? Added to the family? Your first home? Make sure to celebrate these special occasions with a toast and do it according to your lifestyle with the set of caves for olive oil in pantro h-d® oil. Tailored to provide the unmistakable oil tin label with the Long Bar & Shield® brand logo. This set of two die -casting zinc shots with 2.3 ounces includes a stainless steel coating to protect the taste of your drink. Raise your glass for a celebration that can change your life, or even the small success of obtaining the mowed lawn. Sometimes, they are the little things. Die -casting pelt covered in stainless steel. Handwash only. Set of two 2,3 fluid ounces. The glasses measure about 2.5 inches in height and 1.5 inches in diameter.