Harley-Davidson® Let's Ride Party Bucket Set-HDL-18807

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We are talking about a wish list, the LET's Ride H-D® party bucket kicks off your next meeting with style ... Harley® style. This set of buckets for all-inclusive parties brings together everything you need for a thirst-quenching stop after the race. Well, everything except drinks and ice for adults. The set includes a 5 -quarter metal bucket, four Pinta glasses, a metal aperabottro and eight paper sub -flashes, all with a vivid assortment of Harley® graphic motifs. The unmistakable Silhouette Bar & Shield® marks 4 Motti par excellence Harley-Davidson®: Ride for Freedom / Rogue Spirit / Freedom of the road / the road is open, Let's Ride. When the bike is parked and you are ready to relax, join your friends for a toast to your search for freedom on the open road. The set includes a 5 -quarter metal bucket, four pint glasses (16 fluid ounces each), a metal opaculet (which measures about 4.75 "length) and eight paper sub -bars, 2 of each design (which measure about 4 "squares).