Harley Davidson with Eagle Graphic Vintage Wash Wash Woman Hood. 96118-22vw

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Harley Davidson

Hooded sweatshirt and front zipper Eagle Graphic Vintage Wash by Woman Ref. 96118-22vw

When it comes to comfortable models, this hooded sweatshirt and zip on the front knows its own. Made in comfortable terry of cotton batteries and polyester with whole vintage washing, it presents on the back an ancient graphics you will fall in love with: take a look at the legendary eagles at the top of our Bar & Shield logo. Combine this sweatshirt with jeans and a t -shirt and you are ready to take a ride, to go to a gathering or in a meeting.

Materials: 60% pile cotton, 40% polyester.
Closure: Zip closure on the front.
Pockets: Marsupium pockets.
Model details: Life and cuffs in coast fabric. Hooded with vintage jersey lining. Length 65 cm.
Graphics: Soft hand printing with aged effect.
Type: Woman
Functional characteristics: Keeping closure on the front, pockets, with hood